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Fav. Characters~!

Post  blackmoongirl on Wed Aug 04, 2010 8:34 pm

Pretty self explanitory who is (are) your fav character(s) and a little bit on why? (both series, A.L./Just Wake Up... are fine)
Dem-IDK there's just something that I just love about him being such a little oxymoron. XDD *Sigh* my little evil angel XDDDDD

Jet-Besides the fact that he's cute and sweet, (like any good little uke should be lol) he's very opinionated, accepting of who he is and others, and just knows what he wants in his life. 030

Josh-He was just going to be a side character but he just turned out to be more than just "another side character" he's one of those guys that won't mind telling you he's into other dudes but doesn't flaunt it to the point he's puking rainbows. XDD *shot*

Just Wake Up:
Kris-I have to admit it took me a while to get the hang of her since she's more or less: a typical girl. Nothing uber girly or helpless, Nothing uber tough or "one of the guys" she's just very balanced and I guess that's what I like about her. XDDD

Bertholomew De Monte- 8D I love how his name is so much fun to say. It's SO BWAH(fancy sounding). I also love the fact that he's just so intresting. I just have a thing for psycho characters/people (weird I know XDDD ).

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